Are all Slingshots the same?

In today’s article we are going to examine each Slingshot model individually and show some of the differences.  We will start with the entry level Slingshot models as compared to the top-of-the-line luxury models and basic options available for each.  This article is to help educate individuals that there are five different models that are exclusive to the Polaris Slingshot line.

Each Slingshot is a treat, especially the top-of-the-line models, such as the Polaris Slingshot R and the Polaris Slingshot LE.  We’ll come back to these luxury experiences in just a moment. In the meantime, let’s get started with the Slingshot S model price point and options.

Model Starting Price HP Notes
S 21,000 178 Base model or entry level/ one paint option
SL 27,000 178 Upgraded base model/ upgraded paint
SLR 30,000 203 Upgraded HP/ Upgraded paint option
R 33,000 203 Upgraded HP/Upgraded paint-audio-seats
LE 37,000 178 Upgraded Signature paint-audio-seats

  As you can see from a brief comparison there is a difference in price and other options such as paint and horsepower.  Although these Slingshots vary in price, the selection of your choice will greatly depend on comfortability options and price point collectively. The good thing is that you can accessorize your vehicle with different pieces of equipment like shaded covers, interior-exterior neon lighting and many more upgrades at your disposal. 

The main reason for acquiring or even renting a Slingshot is to experience the thrill of driving or being a passenger in one.  I can speak from experience when I tell you that a ride in the Slingshot R is an exhilarating and refreshing opportunity to explore Orlando and the entire Central Florida area in total style.  This attention-grabbing vehicle will ensure that all attention is always on you.

  At ACE MOTORSPORT RENTALS in Orlando, Florida we specialize in Slingshot R models because they provide a smoother, more comfortable, and exhilarating experience for our customers in our opinion.  This gives them the opportunity to experience a luxurious top of the line Polaris Slingshot even if they choose not to buy one for themselves. 

If you are ever in the Orlando area and would like to experience a luxury Slingshot for yourself, please visit us at ACE MOTORSPORT RENTALS to get more information on availability and pricing. Please keep in mind that our prices include insurance for the specified rental driver. Insurance can also be added for an additional driver if not initially listed for coverage.  This includes test drives as well.  

Please Contact us if you have any questions about availability, military discounts, or even things to do and places to go in white you Visit Orlando.  As Orlando’s Premier Slingshot Rental provider we look forward to seeing each of you very soon.  Take care!

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