Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to rent a Slingshot?

You have to be age 25 with a valid driver’s license, insurance information (Insurance carrier/ Policy number), Deposit on same booking charge card or separate charge card.

Is there a deposit?

Yes, it is collected from the booking party prior to release of the vehicle.  This deposit hold is separate from your online purchase set for $350.  Identification is also verified along with a deposit before the final release process. The deposit is released the same day based on the return condition of the vehicle. Please allow 3-7 days as each  banking institution varies with reverse card holds although it is released the same day.

Do you have your advertising, phone numbers etc. on the Slingshot itself?


Are your Slingshot new or outdated models?

Our Slingshots are the latest models same as those available to buy in showrooms.

Can I use the card on file or a different credit card for my deposit?

Yes, both options can be used.

Why do I need to list my insurance if I’m already insured from AMR?

The determination of an accident is based on the law officials assessment of the scene.  If determined to be a preventable accident on the rental driver’s behalf, your insurance company may be also notified of damages created.  If the accident is deemed to be the negligence of another driver, you are covered under ACE MOTORSPORT RENTALS insurance coverage.

Do I need a helmet?

Helmets aren’t required but suggested due to flying debris at a higher rate of speed as also noted in your waiver agreement.  If any children are transported in it requires a safety helmet and appropriate eye protection.  This is at your discretion and a waiver will need to be signed and submitted in person specifically for this.

If I choose not to wear a helmet, do I still need eye protection?

Yes!  You definitely do to protect your eyes from dirt or other small debris like insects.  It is imperative that you have eye protection or it can be purchased

Does ACE MOTORSPORT RENTALS provide group rental discounts?


What kind of gas does the Slingshot use?

Only gas grades 91 or 93

Does the gas tank need to be filled when the vehicle is returned?

Yes!  you can also pay for pre-paid gas as an add-on option.

How do I turn on the headlights?

The Polaris Slingshot is equipped with daytime running lights which come on automatically with ignition even at night.  There is no need to adjust lighting unless you use your bright light function.

Can my passenger drive even if they have a license?

No, they aren’t insured as a driver.  They will need to submit a copy of their license and pay $40 for an additional driver fee to operate it.

Can ACE MOTORSPORT RENTALS suggest things to do and places to eat in the area?

Yes of course!