How to tell a Slingshot apart from other motorsport vehicles?

Have you ever been driving along and noticed a really cool 3-wheel sports car? Ever questioned what it is called? If there are other names it goes by? How do I get one or where to rent a slingshot? How much does it cost? Well in this article we will discuss such topics so the next time you see a Slingshot or want to rent one you will be able to tell the difference and be a little more of an expert.

What is a Slingshot? 

A Polaris Slingshot is an open cabin vehicle (auto cycle) that is similar to other three wheeled vehicles but almost stands in a class of its own.  It has two wheels in the front, a much wider base/ stance, one huge rear tire (varies in specific models). It is different from other motor vehicles with three wheels. The Slingshot weighs about 1,650lbs and uses a 4-cylinder (2.0 Prostar) gasoline engine to power it. The motorsport vehicle is also entirely waterproof including the interior electronics.  

A Slingshot demands attention and is one of the most notable three wheeled open-air vehicles on the market today. There are also several features that separate it like heated and cooled seats, Bluetooth, Apple Car play, navigation, Brembo brakes, and attention-grabbing paint schemes to name a few. These options are all based on the model chosen most suitable for you (5 Models: S, SL, SLR, R, LE).

Is it called other names like Trikes, Can-ams, Rykers or Spyders?

Of course it is! Since the Slingshots inception in 2014, not many people knew what to call it and associated it with similar three wheeled vehicles in its class, sometimes calling it a “trike” or an “Inverted trike”. In recent years, there are a ton of people that are remarkably familiar with the Slingshot itself but are not certain about what to call it. People refer to Slingshots as Spyders or even Rykers because they all have three wheels. The basic similarities are that it has two of the wheels in the front portion of the vehicle and the third wheel directly centered in the rear. This is one basic thing that makes these vehicles very similar, excluding physical appearance. Polaris slingshot orlando slingshot rental vs can am spyder Just like the similarities and common base structure, it also contains a few major differences. Unlike the Can-AM, the Slingshot is classified as an auto cycle due to the driving cabin of the vehicle. It drives like your basic four wheeled automobile except with three wheels. It also has a steering wheel as opposed to handlebars, which the Can-Am provides as a standard option. There are more details we could delve into with regards to basic similarities and differences between the Polaris Slingshot and the other three wheeled vehicles like the Can-am Spyder or even the Can-am Ryker.

A couple of things to keep in mind though, in theory both vehicles would be called “trikes” because of the three-wheel effect. The major distinction is that although characterized as a “trike”, the Slingshot is more characterized as an auto cycle, which is almost totally in a class of its own with the exception of the Vanderhall.  We will leave this comparison of the Slingshot and Vanderhall for another day as there will be countless Pros and Cons in each selected comparative category. See basic specs below for Polaris Slingshot, Can-am Spyder or Ryker.

Horsepower Wheelbase Weight Colors
Slingshot: 178-203 105 Inch 1,650lbs Varies (according to models)
Can-am: 82 67.28 Inch 642-987lbs Varies

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When deciding on 3-wheel vehicles, there are several options to consider. The first thing to consider is comfortability and overall experience. If these are factors for you to reference with 3-wheeled vehicle options, the Slingshot is the most well-known amongst the 3-wheeled vehicles on the market currently and provides these prerequisites and more. This makes it great for a day trip around Orlando, Central Florida, or to take to the beaches in close proximity. So, the next time you ask yourself, “Where can I get a Slingshot in Orlando?” Or when looking to rent one for your next trip to Orlando, make sure to choose a Slingshot rental from Ace Motorsport Rentals, Orlando’s premier upscale Slingshot Rental provider. We look forward to seeing you soon.