Thanks for stopping by our blogs to join us in a brief discussion on why rental insurance is important to the Slingshot rental industry. As you well know the Slingshot rental industry is one of which consists of many variables. We’ll get to the most important reason that isn’t always regarded as important and is seldom overlooked because of the over zealous nature to explore this immediate pleasure vehicle and the fun it provides in just a minute.

Insurance coverage for Slingshot rental companies should be one of the first questions people inquire about during the rental process. Reason being, there are so many “What if” variables when driving on any open road anywhere that various modes of transportation are being driven in close proximity. Liability is definitely going to be a factor in any “What if” situation so you should choose a Slingshot rental company that not only has an impeccable reputation but also a history of ensuring insurance is thoroughly explained in person, a legal document, or both.

The most important reason people seldom overlook insurance is because the anticipation of operating an open air vehicle such as a Slingshot is truly intriguing. People hurry through the rental process without looking at all the guidelines and safety rental agreements just to get to the actual Slingshot. They also overlook the company or individuals that are providing the Slingshot at a great price and disregard safety, insurance, and quality of the vehicle being rented.

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As it stands currently in the United States, obtaining the proper rental insurance for Slingshot rental companies can be very difficult to find and is limited to only about 2-3 insurance companies that will even write a policy for this particular type of rental business. The cost is extremely expensive leaving only true Slingshot business owners at a cost of about 9K-14K per each vehicle annually.

You can rest assured that ACE MOTORSPORT RENTALS is properly covered with rental insurance for every customer as well as the vehicle’s itself, although lots of companies aren’t. Slingshots are still relatively new in the market and are generally referred to as an “auto-cycle” and have only been in existence since 2015. This is a reason why it is so costly to insure as a rental vehicle besides that fact that It is still a new vehicle to the transportation industry amongst other factors.

Slingshots are made to cruise and have fun alone or with friends and family. In fact, check out this blog article to learn more about fun things to do during your rental. The safety of yourself and others are compromised when a rental Slingshot rental is being used improperly to do excessive speeding stunts and tricks. At ACE MOTORSPORT RENTALS we do not authorize these types of reckless and careless behaviors as it is strictly prohibited and is clearly stated in our safety agreement.

Our main goal was to briefly inform you of companies renting Slingshots without the proper rental insurance and give some insight about cost, reputation, and safety. At ACE MOTORSPORT RENTALS we look forward to seeing you enjoy your Slingshot rental experience also knowing that you have a piece of mind overall. See you soon!

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