Team Building

Revving Up Your Team Dynamics: Using Polaris Slingshots for Better Team Building

Florida is home to many incredible experiences. From long walks on the beach with your friends to an evening at any of the theme parks the state offers, you can find pretty much any activity you want. The same is true when looking for a new team building activity perfect for improving communication, connectivity, and productivity.

Organizations with highly engaged employees experience a massive boost in revenue generated per employee. Beyond the bottom-line concerns, employee engagement also benefits your individual team members. The more they feel appreciated and connected to one another, the better your organization functions as a unit.

That is precisely why our team at Ace Motorsport Rentals is partnering with local business leaders around our area for fun team building activities involving our state-of-the-art Polaris Slingshot vehicles.

Leveraging Experiential Team Building

We can all imagine stuffy conference rooms where the occasional trust fall was the apex of team building events. Times have changed, and so have your employees, stakeholders, clients, and investors. In today’s rapidly evolving world, you want something a bit more exciting and fresh to engage the minds of your team.

Experiential team building is the answer to this change. With our Slingshot vehicles, you can directly involve all your team members in a fun, outgoing experience. The open-air and exhilarating ride combine perfectly with learning more information about one another that can later be applied to better productivity.

Participants actively participate in the experience and have fun building new relationships that benefit the organization.

Introducing the Polaris Slingshot

How do our vehicles help with natural team building? When you ride inside a Polaris Slingshot, you are entering a sleek, three-wheeled vehicle that offers an exhilarating driving experience. This combines the thrilling soul of a motorcycle with the safety of a more balanced ride ideal for fun team building activities.

Better yet, the unique open-air design encourages openness, communication, and a shared sense of adventure with your participants. Such adventure demands collaboration, trust, and tackling challenges together. Imagine learning about your peers’ hobbies and interesting backstories while cruising around Central Florida. It is a stunning ride, sure to turn heads.

Revolutionizing Team Building

At Ace Motorsport Rentals, we recognize the potential of the Slingshot in corporate settings. These fantastic vehicles can transform group therapy activities and team building events by offering a thrilling way to break down social barriers and cultivate genuine connections among colleagues.

Participants from various departments get the chance to connect in a much more informal setting, with Central Florida as the backdrop. That makes it easy to combine a Slingshot rental with any of Orlando’s hidden treasures, a culinary exploration of the area, or a scavenger hunt on a massive scale.

The possibilities are endless because our Polaris Slingshot vehicles allow you to use efficient, fun, and customized transportation outside the corporate cubicle. Little by little, your team will share personal stories that lead to a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other’s roles within the organization. That will lead to benefits like:

Promoting better communication
Enhancing employee engagement through shared experiences
Encourages teamwork in a fun, relaxed environment
Improved collaboration through a sense of unity
Effective motivational rewards for future events
Improving morale and building trust
And many more

Ready to Boost Your Team?

Getting started with a Polaris Slingshot from Ace Motorsport Rentals is as easy as can be. We recommend a 4-week notice so we can accommodate your whole group size, ensuring your team building idea is executed flawlessly. Clients who book in advance are likely to benefit from our seasonal discount rates.

Being at the forefront of innovative and experiential team building is only one aspect our company offers. Be sure to ask about our group event rentals for weddings, private parties, family functions, tours, and more. We are proud to help foster better employee engagement with your upcoming team building event. Give us a call today and let Ace Motorsport Rentals be your answer to a thrilling company adventure!