#1 Orlando “The City Beautiful”

  Orlando, Florida is the home to the largest and most visited attractions in the entire world.  We have Walt Disney, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, and Gatorland to name a few.  Millions come to Orlando and bring their families specifically to experience these attractions and beautiful weather for themselves. The weather is a great opportunity for outdoor exploration in an open air vehicle experience that only a Polaris Slingshot can provide.

  This multicultural rich and diverse city boasts an awesome place to start enjoying your Slingshot rental immediately.  You can cruise down International Drive where there is nothing less than some of the best restaurants, shopping, and recreational nightlife in the entire United States.  The restaurant selections culminate from all over the world, with enough options to satisfy any craving.  The vibrant nightlife in Orlando is a great option as there are hundreds of bars and nightclubs to choose from.  

Around the corner is the Dr. Phillips restaurant district with a few more upscale options for nightlife and dining experiences.  Downtown Orlando is also a great choice to get out and explore the city’s architecture, parks, and historic districts.  Take a cruise down Orange Avenue as there will be many sightseeing opportunities and places of interest including Lake Eola.  Disney Springs is another place that may interest you or even Boxi Park in Lake Nona.  

There are several hidden gems in this regard so take your time and map out your cruising destinations accordingly.  See Visit Orlando for more things to do in “The City Beautiful”.

#2 Beaches

  Whether cruising to the home of the Daytona 500, Tampa or Clearwater, these scenic routes offer a great way to beaches in the Central Florida area.   These beaches are some of the best and most well known in Florida as well as the United States. Don’t forget to bring your bathing suit if this is part of your experience.  Driving to either coast in a Slingshot is an unforgettable experience.  

On longer touring experiences always remember to be responsible, drive safe, and keep safety equipment (Helmets/eyewear) accessible if you so choose.  Florida doesn’t require helmets but eyewear is imperative for all trips around the city or traveling to the coast.  Although helmets are optional ACE MOTORSPORT RENTALS provides helmets for rent if you choose to have one.  

Now that you are off for a little fun in the sun, don’t forget to bring plenty of sunscreen, water, and snacks to keep you at bay until you arrive at your destination.  Be safe, be careful, and have fun!!!!!


East Coast Beaches

Daytona Beach: 55 miles (54 minutes)

Cocoa Beach: 59 miles (60 minutes)

Cape Canaveral: 54 miles (53 minutes)


West Coast Beaches

Tampa: 84 miles (1 hour/ 20 minutes)

Clearwater: 105 miles (1 hour/ 56 minutes)

St. Petersburg: 116 miles (2 hours)


Major Highways or Interstates in this area

 Interstate 4 also known as I-4 is a major road that connects both coasts and everything in between.  The biggest city in Central Florida which is Orlando, sits in the center of the I-4 corridor reaching from Daytona (East Coast) to Tampa (West Coast). A trip from one side to the other can range from 2hours and 30 minutes or longer based on traffic. Please plan accordingly and expect delays on 1-4 especially between the Orlando/Tampa portions more so than the Orlando/ Daytona part unless there is Bike Week, Daytona 500, National Truck Meet, along with many other world renown local festivals as well.



#3 Clermont, Florida

 Clermont is located 18 miles west of Orlando.  This thriving suburb offers a great way to see Central Florida in a way that is often described as nothing more than beautiful.  Clermont is known as the “Gem of the Hills” in which it gets this name from some of the highest natural elevations in Florida.  This beautiful city is home of many people that want to get away from city living.  Although a growing city in its own right, it is comprised of many lakes, hills, and winding roads that present natural photographic scenery for awesome photos and experiences. 

Also home to a local winery (Lakeridge Winery) and several breathtaking views.  Clermont is beautiful from the time you enter Clermont until you depart.  You may want to drive to Waterfront Park, a very popular lake front that has outdoor activities and sunsets that can only be captured from Clermont in this enormous lakefront city.  Clermont may be ranked #3 on our list but most certainly competes for the #2 spot because of the breathtaking views you get when driving a Polaris Slingshot.  Not to mention it’s only a 15-20 minute ride from Orlando which puts you back into “The City Beautiful” to take advantage or more fun opportunities within the city limits.  

#4 Boxi Park (Lake Nona)

  This modernized developing area of Orlando is an area that boasts of modern art structures, buildings, and autonomous public transportation shuttles.  There are eateries and photographic areas that solidify Boxi Park as one of many great places to explore in an open air vehicle around Orlando.  There are long open roads and connecting highways in this areas so get ready to have your passenger take video along this journey.  It is located further east of Orlando International Airport on the way to the east coast of Florida.  It would take approximately 30 minutes from this point to extend into the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean.  For more information on car shows, food, and entertainment check the local events calendar at www.boxiparklakenona.com to align your Slingshot tour with activities in Lake Nona.

#5 Winter Park

  This ritzy suburban retreat has a plethora of upscale restaurants, bars, and nightlife in a very affluent community.  There are some parts of this area that still have brick roads and boutiques that are reminiscent of old English culture in a modern atmosphere.  If you wanting to explore this type of vibe then Winter Park is definitely for you.  A Slingshot experience in this area would not only allow room to store your leftover food but also other purchased goods and lock them up safely as you continue on to your next destination wherever that maybe.  

Please keep in mind that there will be several stops along your journey into Winter Park so plan everything out prior to getting there.  Winter Park reminds you that there are finer things in life that we can all be a part of on this great touring opportunity at the push of a button.  On the count of three…..I want you to get ready in your Slingshot rental and proceed to push the Start/Stop button. 1-2-3 and your off to some adventurous fun, explorations, and memorable experiences in the Orlando area. 


Central Florida has many great areas to visit, and we haven’t even scratched the surface of what is available to do. From Clermont to the beaches you have many things to do in your Slingshot rental. Seeing Winter Park while on the way to Disney or Sea World will be a memorable part of your experience. 

We’ll see you back at ACE MOTORSPORT RENTALS ready to share all that you have seen when you come back and visit us for this amazing experience.  If you want to re-book with us, it’s not a problem.  Remember to pick your date and  touring package (1-24 Hours/ multiple days) in advance so all you have to do is show your license, electronically sign a waiver, assess your deposit ($350 refundable upon return of your slingshot rental) upon pick-up of your Orlando Slingshot Rental.  We sincerely hope you enjoy Orlando and all it has to offer, keep in mind this a preferential touring list as there are many other awesome things to do in the “The City Beautiful” so please take advantage.  Until next time, have a safe trip back home and we look forward to seeing you again at ACE MOTORSPORT RENTALS


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